i_want_jess (i_want_jess) wrote in gunz_n_glam,

I was told to answer these

1. what is your favorite glam clothing?
2. how many motley crue concerts have you been too?
3. how are you glam?
4. how many std's do you have?
5. how many times a day do you shoot up?
6. what is your favorite guns n' roses song?
7. is alice cooper your dad, most likey?
8. how many groupies have you had at one time?

1. ripped jeans
2. I love motley crue but i've never been to a concert of there's
3. i'm glam by loveing glam rock
4. none i don't think
5. shoot up??? i'm questionable
6. paridice city,sweet child o' mine, and knockn' on heaven's door
7. sure if you want him to be...
8. i'm a chick and i'm 12 years old...
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