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*waves* hello everyone!!

i've been joining a lot of communities lately, and i decided to join this one, because glam is HOT. guns n' roses rocks my socks and they are fucking amazing. axl rose WAS beautiful (i don't know what the hell he's done to himself now, but hey, i still love him). i can't wait for the new GNR stuff (although it'll NEVER come close to what the original created) and yeah... i think that's it!

1. what is your favorite glam clothing?  Does glitter count??
2. how many motley crue concerts have you been too?  one
3. how are you glam?  Sure, why not?
4. how many std's do you have?  Hey!! That’s none of your business!!
5. how many times a day do you shoot up?  Umm I forgot
6. what is your favorite guns n' roses song?  Oh wow, that’s a difficult question, because all of them rock.
7. is alice cooper your dad, most likey?  Yeah… definitely
8. how many groupies have you had at one time?  52 and it was one good time!!!

btw, if any of you guys love that hot sexy ex-gunner bassist (my duffy mckagan lol) you should join my community no1_rosedgunner

rock on, rock hard \m/

danielle :)

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